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5 Benefits of our Lawn Care Service

Anyone that has applied their own fertilizer knows that effective lawn care is not simple. At first glance, after watching an ad from one of the big box stores, it appears easy. However, these ads fail to mention the need for proper equipment, timing and science. Not to say that the results they promise are not true. When applied timely and properly, their products have fantastic results. But, we think it is important for you to decide whether treating your lawn yourself is timely, cost-effective, and successful. 


Lawn Care

1. Value 

Performing your own lawn care can be a daunting task. You have to navigate various products, specific types of equipment, along with managing application deadlines.  Then you must apply all these products consistently throughout the season. Ultimately, our services (including the cost of products we use) cost less than all this. If you take into account what your time is worth, it’s a slam dunk. To top it all off, we offer FREE service calls all season long


2. Expertise in the Science  

Homeowners have more to consider than just applying fertilizer to maintain a healthy, weed-free lawn. Every lawn needs a solid foundation. Your lawn needs a healthy soil, along with proper moisture levels and the correct pH. Additionally, proper watering is essential. At PurLawn, our certified lawn technicians check your lawn’s soil twice per season. This process guarantees that the perfect lawn is achieved each and every season.


3. Equipment 

At PurLawn, our state of the art equipment is designed to deliver precision accuracy. We also have the capability of applying dry and liquid products. As a result, we eliminate waste and provide accuracy that can knock out weeds while feeding the desired grass on your lawn.


4. Calibration

 Fertilizer is only as effective as the equipment used for application.  Calibration is one of the most important parts of lawn care application equipment. Using the best technology to apply the best product is the key to effective fertilization. If you decide to do it yourself, you run the risk of damaging your lawn. 


5. Timing  

One of the most critical aspects of lawn care is timing.  Your lawn requires different products (dry and liquid) for various reasons. Whether you need to feed it, or target various types of weeds, insects and diseases: timing is key. Some products, applied at the wrong time, can be rendered completely ineffective. At PurLawn, our lawn specialists are well aware that timing is everything. That is why we are fanatical about scheduling our treatments in a timely manner. We save our customers the hassle and worry of managing these pending deadlines all season long.  



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