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Core Aeration: Preparing your Lawn for the Summer!

What is Core Aeration?

Have you ever wondered how golf courses maintain such a healthy, fluffy turf? Have you ever wanted your lawn to look as green and weed-free as a golf course? The answer is found in a procedure called core aeration.

Core aeration is a type of lawn aeration whereby a lawn aerator mechanically removes plugs, or cores, of soil and thatch from a lawn. Core aeration creates a channel for oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate into the soil.

Below are some benefits of Core Aeration:

Improves Turf Health.

One of the most beneficial aspects of aeration is that it can improve the health of your grass. Core aeration works to provide the root zone with greater access to air, water, and fertilizer. This process results in deeper, more extensive turf-grass roots.

Reduces Thatch Build-up.

Thatch is the layer of dead grass that accumulates on your lawn. It builds up a thick layer, robbing your grass of necessary hydration and nutrients. Core aeration introduces thatch-decomposing microorganisms from the soil to the top of the thatch layer. These microorganisms further the reduction of thatch buildup.

Relieves Soil Compaction.

Compacted soil can prevent air, water, and fertilizer from reaching your lawn’s root system. This build-up causes dead spots, patches and/or thinning. By removing cores in the aeration process, soil density is decreased, thus relieving compaction.

Benefits pH Modification.

To maximize the results of the aeration, we recommend applying lime or sulfur after service. As a result, we penetrate deeper into the soil profile, further benefiting the pH. And taking this extra measure will increase nutrient flow deeper in the root zone.

Reverses Over-seeding.

It is helpful to aerate before and after seeding. Soil cultivation enhances seed-topsoil contact necessary for germination. As a result, core aeration creates a moist, protected environment optimal for seedling development.

Reduces Water Runoff.

If your yard has irrigation problems, aeration could be the fix you need! Aerating your turf allows for increased water absorption. As a result, you can prevent fungus growth and increase nutrient delivery!

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