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Five Threats to your Perfect Summer Lawn

1. Chinch Bugs

  • Chinch bugs (Blissus leucopterus hirtus (Montandon)) are small, gray-black insects that are about 1/6th of an inch long. These pests feed on your grass, trees, and shrubs by sucking moisture from your plants and injecting toxins that causes your turf and ornamental plants to yellow and eventually die. They can wipe out entire lawns, which is why regular treatment and monitoring is important to ensure a green and healthy lawn.

2. Grubs

  • Grubs are the larvae of beetles and other insects that feed on your soil and the roots of your plants. These insects lay their eggs in early summer, so it is important to disrupt their life cycle before the next year. Grubs can wipe out entire patches of lawns, and the adult insects feed on your ornamental trees and shrubs. That is why here at PurLawn, we offer Sub Surface insect control, in order to protect your lawn from threats burrowed in the soil.

3. Mosquitoes

  • As the weather warms, and the humidity rises, Mosquitoes pose serious health risks to homeowners and their loved ones. Not only are these pests annoying, they can transmit diseases that can cause severe symptoms. The rainy season here in Florida creates perfect breeding conditions for these air-borne pests. This is the reason why it is essential to take preventative measures

4. Fungus

  •  Fungal infections of your turf, grass, and plants can spread quickly and destroy your yard if you aren’t vigilant. Spores can be spread through the air, and diseases can be transmitted via mowing and trimming equipment. It is important to treat your lawn regularly, especially in the summer, to prevent the blooming and spread of infectious disease to your turf.

5. Weeds

  • Weeds thrive in moist, hot climates. As the weeds grow, grass has to compete for nutrients and sunlight, which can cause the grass to die off and the weeds to proliferate. It is important to maintain a regular watering schedule, along with consistent mowing and treatment with our EPA approved, Organic-Based products.

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