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Florida Pusley

As we enjoy another cool Florida winter, it might look like it’s snowing on your lawn. Those spots of white patches, or in some cases an entire blanket of white on your turf, is not snow. It is in fact a pesky weed called Florida Pusley, also known as Florida snow or Mexican clover.

Part of what makes Florida Pusley a problematic weed is its distinct proliferation of flowers. These flowers quickly produce seeds. In a matter of just a few weeks, what was once a small patch of delicate flowers in your lawn has taken over half the yard.

The good news is that Purlawn offers regular weed control treatment every month that will control this unsightly blemish in your lawn.  Our regular fertilizer treatments will also strengthen your lawn, preventing future germination of this weed.

Purlawn will apply a selective broadleaf treatment to these weeds to control them.  Should your lawn be completely overtaken by weeds, Purlawn will provide a blanket spray weed control treatment in order to curate the problem.  



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