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Florida Residents Can Have Plants Without Whiteflies

There are many reasons people choose to live in south Florida. The wide variety of things to do, a climate that is warm all year round, beautiful beaches as well as so many fun activities and more. Unfortunately, the residents of south Florida are not able to escape the pests that live in the area. A serious concern in Palm Beach County is whiteflies. They are experts at camouflage. Too many times Florida residents won’t know they have them unit it becomes too late.



People in Florida need to know about whiteflies and the hazards they bring to plants. They are a winged insect that is white and tiny. They also can suck the nutrients out of plants on a Florida resident’s property and cause them to wilt. The damage that these insects cause to plants is intense and involves secreting honeydew onto the leaves of the infected plants. When the honeydew gets on plant leaves, it turns into fungal disease. Whiteflies can significantly damage or kill precious ornamental plants, but their favorite is vegetable plants. Ficus hedges are very prominent in the landscapes in Palm Beach County and these insects are extremely attracted to them.

Identifying Whiteflies

These insects are small and very well camouflaged. It will take some effort to successfully identify them. This will involve carefully checking the back of plants and then shaking the leaves. When they are disturbed, these insects will fly off in a swarm. The next step is to turn over a plant’s leaves. If there is a sticky honeydew on the leaf, it was left behind by the insect. They are known for being able to quickly reproduce. These insects can lay more than 300 eggs at one time. It is possible to identify the insect’s larvae because they are very tiny and their color is a pale yellow. They are also laid is a circular pattern. Plant owners may notice the larvae as they appear to be little white ovals. They can be seen on the underside of the plant’s leaves sucking on its nutrients.

Preventing And Treating the Whitefly

The best way to handle this insect is to try and prevent any type of infestation before it can happen. Pur-Lawn are experts and know how to successfully deal with these insects. They can quickly identify if a Florida resident’s plants are vulnerable. They also know if it is necessary to treat an existing outbreak of the insect. A plan will be created by the company for their customers. It is designed for insect control and will meet individual needs. This makes certain the residents of Florida can have a landscape they enjoy. It will be lush and beautiful for many years into the future.

A free landscape evaluation is available from Pur-Lawn so contact them today. They are a licensed turf consultant with more than three decades of experience working in the pest and lawn industry. Free service calls are offered between regularly scheduled visits. This is to make certain all customers are completely satisfied with their service and results. Pur-Lawn has a reputation for providing easy and fast premium services to the residents of Palm Beach County.



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