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How to Maintain a Healthy Lawn This Summer


  • Watering your lawn in Florida, especially in the summer, can be a tricky thing. While Summer is the rainy season here in South Florida, high temperatures and extended dry spells can wreak havoc on your lawn. Lawns require only around 1 inch of water a week; and in this fickle weather keeping track of how much moisture your grass and soil are receiving can be tricky. Therefore, it is important to monitor the weather, along with your own watering and irrigation schedule, in order to prevent an under-watered or over-watered lawn.


  • It is extremely important to maintain a well-cut lawn this summer. Weeds and diseases can infect your turf without proper maintenance and care. While it depends on the type of grass on your lawn, it is important not to cut your grass too short. You can run the risk of shocking and stressing new turf, which can then leave your grass susceptible to disease and weed infestations. If you have just had new sod installed, it is important to wait several weeks to allow the grass roots to establish themselves.

Fertilizing your Grass

  • Here at PurLawn, we know that the difference between a healthy lawn and a stressed lawn has a lot to do with the amount and timing of fertilization. In South Florida it is important to monitor and administer fertilizer throughout the year, as the grass doesn’t go dormant during cooler months. But, both under-fertilizing and over-fertilizing can result in brown patches, diseases, and weed contamination. That’s why we have agronomists on staff, along with an experienced staff, who are able to determine the appropriate schedule for fertilization.

Pest Control for Your Lawn

  • When people think of pest control, they mostly think of indoor roach traps, bait, and various powders and sprays. But, one of the biggest threats to your lawn’s health is pest infestations. Sod Webworm, Chinch Bugs, Mole Crickets, Grubs, etc. can all put your lawn at risk of soil degradation, brown patch, and irrevocable damage. That is why it is important to have a local company like PurLawn help you to manage your lawn. We can monitor and treat various pest issues with your lawn, helping to ensure the lasting health of your turf.

Weed Control

  • While it logically seems that ruthlessly treating your lawn with high powered chemicals is the right way to eradicate pesky weeds, this route can have adverse effects. Because your lawn is it’s own ecosystem, over-exposing your turf and soil to harmful chemicals can stress your soil and cause more damage than aid. Here at PurLawn, we use organic-based products and spot spray for weeds in order to maintain over-all soil and turf health. We know the impact of harmful chemicals not just on your lawn, but also your pets and loved-ones. Weed Control is just one facet to maintaining your overall lawn health.

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