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Sod Webworms Florida: The Reason Your Grass isn’t Greener

It’s the end of summer here in Palm Beach County, Florida and as the hot weather fades and the kids return to school, our lush lawns return. But if your neighbor’s lawn is looking greener than yours, the culprit may be sod webworms. These pests peak in the summer months and turn your soft, green landscape into brown patches of sadness.

Know Your Enemy

sod webworms
Sod Webworms

Webworms are very small caterpillar-looking pests that are green and brown and less than an inch long. They hide deep in the soil and can be very difficult to detect. Their destruction, however, is unmistakable as these hungry critters will decimate the blades of your grass to leave short, brown crispy patches.

The sod webworm is the larval stage of a moth that thrives in the warmth of our Florida climate. The moths lay up to 60 eggs per night and they prefer athletic fields, golf courses, parks, and your backyard as their feeding grounds. The larval stage lasts for several weeks and these voracious feeders can cause a lot of damage if left unchecked. The entire lifecycle of the webworm is up to eight weeks long, and without a crisp winter to cull their reproduction, their populations can quickly get out of hand.

How to control sod webworms begins with detection. If you see browning on the lawn, chances are, you’ve got these little invaders. In addition, another sign is if there are white spots on the more tender grass blades, or if you see a lot of small moths taking flight in the early evening.

Sod Webworms Treatment

If you want to learn how to control sod webworms, Pur-Lawn has your solution. Serving most of the Palm Beach County, Florida region, Pur-Lawn will inspect your yard. In order to determine if sod webworms are present. Therefore, if they are detected, they will provide you with a sod webworm treatment plan. This plan will stop the spread of these pests and improve the health of your lawn overall.

The best prevention and sod webworm treatment is to have a healthy, thick pest-resistant lawn with a well-developed root system. Above all, Pur-Lawn will help you create the lush lawn of your dreams. Theyy will make your yard less attractive to buggy invaders. As the leading experts in lawn care, Pur-Lawn is trusted by hundreds of customers across the county. Contact us now!


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