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Our Lawn Care Services

Solve all of your pest, lawn & tree needs. Fast & friendly services with FREE service calls between scheduled visits until your 100% satisfied.

Lawn Fertilization

Monthly liquid and granular lawn fertilization treatments to keep your turf green and healthy.

Weed Control

Providing monthly weed control treatments in order to keep your grass healthy and weed free.

Brown Patch Fungus

We identify and treat any brown patch and other invasive fungae that can damage your lawn making it an unsightly brown mess.

Perimeter Foundation Pest Control

Our monthly foundation spray prevents insects from entering your home. This helps keep your home pest free while preventing insects from entering your home in the first place. Our barrier protection is safe for your family and pets.

Chinch Bug Control

We identify and treat any chinch bug activity in order to prevent extensive lawn damage.

Fire Ant Control

We treat your lawn and landscape with regular surface insect control treatments in order to prevent fire ant infestation.

Lawn Aeration

The single best mechanical practice for your turf. Lawn aeration plugs cylindrical plugs in your lawn in order to strengthen your lawn’s root system and to allow water & vital nutrients to it.

Soil Testing

We offer FREE soil testing in order to properly balance your lawn soil’s pH level and moisture level.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Monthly fertilization treatments in order to keep your trees and shrubs green and healthy.

Ficus White Fly Treatment

White Flies can destroy a beautiful ficus hedge in a matter of weeks. Our quarterly white fly treatments for your shrubs will control white flies and keep your landscape healthy and insect free.