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Sugarcane Mosaic Virus

The Sugarcane Mosaic Viruses are plant viruses that infect more than 150 types of plants native to Florida lawns. The Sugarcane Mosaic Virus gets its name from the first cited case in the 1960’s. Sugarcane producers noticed that their crops were infected with mottled, splotchy, and sometimes stunted plants that covered vast areas of land. Thus the Mosaic Virus got its name.

The Mosaic Virus has most recently been linked to infections of St. Augustine grass in Palm Beach County. The virus is dangerous because it can infect an entire lawn, quickly going from a state of yellowed, blotted coloring to brown and dead (necrosis). What makes this virus so tricky is that once the disease has spread to your lawn, treatment can be very difficult. The most important factor in preventing Mosaic Virus is the proper sanitation of cleaning equipment;  mowers and string trimmers tend to retain the sap of infected plants and spread them to surrounding lawns. Aphids are also known to spread the virus from lawn to lawn.

It is important to note that fungicides do not get rid of Mosaic Virus. Removing weeds from the property is important in maintaining a healthy lawn, but the most effective treatment is spot-spraying your lawn to treat for insects that carry the virus. Because the virus can quickly devolve to necrosis, it is important to maintain a healthy lawn before a neighborhood outbreak begins!

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