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Weeds: Invasive, Harmful, and Damaging

The impact of weeds on a homeowner’s lawn can extend far beyond a cosmetic nuisance. Weeds are invasive plants that crowd out the natural growth of grass. They are extremely durable to hostile weather conditions; even in droughts. Weeds compete for natural nutrients and minerals in your lawns soil. They can limit and eventually destroy your chances to maintain green and healthy turf. Here are some facts about weeds that you may want to be aware of as the weather grows hotter and more humid. W

Weeds are invasive

  • As the Summer months roll around, the climate will become hotter and even more humid. These conditions are can add to the proliferation of weeds like Sedge, which take over your lawn in a matter of months. If you don’t stay ahead of the curve, these weeds could drain your soil of important minerals like phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. Once they establish themselves in your lawn, they also monopolize the sunlight. As a result, weeds can quickly turn a beautiful lawn into an overgrown wasteland.

Weeds can be harmful.

  • Besides doing damage to your soil and grass, some weeds contain toxins that can cause serious harm to your pets. Because weeds spread so quickly, your loved ones could be at greater risk than you thought. Luckily, with our products and monthly service, we stay ahead of the spread of weeds on your lawn so your family and pets can roam without concern!

Weeds leave your lawn vulnerable to viruses and disease.

  • Weeds drain your soil of nutrients and sunlight, so your turf is susceptible to contracting diseases and viruses that can cause permanent damage. One example of a virus that can cause lasting and irreversible damage to your lawn is the Sugarcane Mosaic Virus. We we wrote about this virus in an earlier blog post. This mosaic virus can spread like wildfire across a whole neighborhood of unkempt and sickly lawns. If untreated, Mosaic Virus can systematically destroy your turf, leaving the soil dry and untenable.

What are your options?

  • Here at PurLawn, we use organic based products to reverse the spread of invasive weeds. We spot spray in problem areas, along with testing the pH of the soil. This way, we ensure the correct distribution of nutrients. We take the scientific approach to lawn care so your turf has a chance to naturally re-establish itself on your lawn.
This is an example of Sedge Weed, a very tough and obstinate weed that thrives in humid weather.

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